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Give Your Wood Some Flair with Wood Photo Laser Engraving

wood photo laser engraving

One of the many projects that do-it-yourself types involves engraving photos or images on wooded plaques or natural wood slabs. They use family photos, photos of their kids, grandkids, mother, father, and/or other loved ones to memorialize them on a plaque that is promptly displayed on a feature wall or as a collage, depending on…

Detecting and Dealing with Mold in Your Home

Most people feel a sense of anxiety when they consider the idea of mold being in their home. Not only can the damage caused by mold be costly to repair, but its mere presence in your home can pose serious health risks. And, depending on the kind of mold present, even trying to clean it…

A Quick Guide to Buying Tiles Online


Buying tiles online vs. in store is a whole different ball game, so to speak. Whilst it can potentially save you financially, go about it the wrong way and it can also cost you in terms of both time and money. For that reason, here is a quick guide to ensure you get the perfect…

Maximize the Impact in Your Kitchen with Granite Countertops


In the past, the dining room table might have been a prime family gathering space in the home, but increasingly, it’s the kitchen countertop. Families gather to prepare meals together, and friends trickle into the kitchen to grab a glass of wine and chat with the host. No matter your brand of cooking or style…

Why You Need a Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuums may not look like much, but don’t fooled. These little guys are powerful. More to the point, this is truly the best time in which to pick one up. The technology behind robot vacuums has improved by leaps and bounds, particularly over the past few years. In the present, robot vacuums can prove…

How to Ensure You Are Choosing the Best Loft Conversion Company


It can be a very difficult process in trying to decide on which company to use to carry out a loft conversions in your home. It can be helpful for all potential property developers to know what kind of questions must be posed to whichever loft conversion contractor is used. This article’s aim is to…