Work Lights - Which One to Choose?

A Quick Small Living Room Decorating Guide

Simply Spray – The Uses for Upholstery and Fabric Paint Around the House

Give Your Wood Some Flair with Wood Photo Laser Engraving

Work Lights – Which One to Choose?

There are many different types of work lights to choose from and different purposes. Choosing the right work light will make a huge difference to your work, particularly if you intend to spend long lengths of time in the dim/dark. From the builder to the photographer, there are work lights for everyone. Flood lights As…

A Quick Small Living Room Decorating Guide

small living room

Have no fear, you don’t need to sacrifice on design simply because your living room area is on the smaller side! It’s all about making use of the appropriate accessories to trick the eye. These decorating tips, kindly provided by Adstyle Decorators in Newcastle can help you take full advantage of your living space: Take…

Give Your Wood Some Flair with Wood Photo Laser Engraving

wood photo laser engraving

One of the many projects that do-it-yourself types involves engraving photos or images on wooded plaques or natural wood slabs. They use family photos, photos of their kids, grandkids, mother, father, and/or other loved ones to memorialize them on a plaque that is promptly displayed on a feature wall or as a collage, depending on…

Detecting and Dealing with Mold in Your Home

Most people feel a sense of anxiety when they consider the idea of mold being in their home. Not only can the damage caused by mold be costly to repair, but its mere presence in your home can pose serious health risks. And, depending on the kind of mold present, even trying to clean it…

A Quick Guide to Buying Tiles Online


Buying tiles online vs. in store is a whole different ball game, so to speak. Whilst it can potentially save you financially, go about it the wrong way and it can also cost you in terms of both time and money. For that reason, here is a quick guide to ensure you get the perfect…