Dewalt 9 in. Magnetic Torpedo Level

Features of this product:

  • Extruded aluminum body for enhanced strength in a light weight design
  • Solid block vials provide superior durability and level accuracy
  • Magnified center vial maximizes readability for ease of use
  • Rotating vial for quick identifying and duplicating angles, slopes and pitch
  • Over molded rubber end caps provide enhanced shock resistance

The Dewalt 9 in. Magnetic Torpedo Level is a highly versatile traditional manual level that is made for tough conditions. An extruded aluminum body gives it plenty of strength, and it’s equipped with a single rotate-able phial that allows you to accurately judge the degree of slopes and angles.



Swanson Savage Magnetic Level

Features of this product:

  • 4 vials: 1-level/1-plumb/1-45 degree/1-90 degree
  • Machined billet aluminum construction
  • Brightview inch vial surrounds
  • Vial cap resist vial movement

With the Swanson Savage Magnetic Level, you can check the precision of your work with ease. The brightview inch vial surrounds make it very easy to see each of the four leveling phials with just a quick glance. The design includes 1-level, 1-plumb, 1-45 degree and 1-90 degree phial.



Black & Decker Laser Level

Features of this product:

  • 360-degree rotating wall attachment projects a laser line at any angle
  • Two extra large backlit bubble vials are provided for maximum accuracy and visibility
  • Ideal for hanging pictures along a stairwell, hanging mirrors, installing curtain rods, and other domestic items
  • Categorized as a class II laser
  • 2-year limited warranty

The Black & Decker Laser Level is a high tech way to ensure a level surface. Equipped with a class II laser, the level has a 360 rotating wall attachment that makes it possible to shine the leveling light at any angle imaginable. A storage case is provided for easy carrying.



Johnson Level & Tool 24-Inch Laminated Wood Level

Features of this product:

  • Laminated American hardwood plys
  • No old-growth or rain forest lumber
  • Individually-calibrated, dual-curved vials
  • Angled brass bound edges

The Johnson Level & Tool 24-Inch Laminated Wood Level is a classic laminated wood level crafted out of hardwood plywood to make it as sustainable as possible. For strength, the edges are bound with brass, and each of the dual-curved vials is individually calibrated in order to ensure a high degree of accuracy.



Gepe Pro 2-Way Bubble Level

Features of this product:

  • Neon yellow-green fluid for maximum visibility
  • Conveniently fits on a standard accessory shoe
  • Measures both vertical and horizontal axes

The Gepe Pro 2-Way Bubble Level is an ultra compact level that fits onto any standard accessory shoe for easy carrying, storage and use. Equipped with vertical and horizontal indicators, the level has neon phials that make it easier to read, and it’s fashioned out of lightweight clear acrylic plastic.



Stanley 24″ FatMax Xtreme Box Beam Level

Features of this product:

  • 24-inch box beam level with durable box-beam construction
  • Block vials provide maximum accuracy of 0.0005 in./in. (0.5 mm/m)
  • Rare earth magnets (twice as strong as strip magnets) are built into the design to increase stability.
  • Magnified center vial for visibility
  • Machined leveling surfaces for accuracy.Lifetime accuracy warranty

The Stanley 24″ FatMax Xtreme Box Beam Level is designed with stability in mind, so that you can enjoy precise readings. Ultra powerful rare earth magnets are included in the heavy-duty level, which has machined surfaces that allow it to fit flush against your project. The level comes with a lifetime accuracy warranty.