Plumb Bobs

Stanley 8-Ounce Brass Plumb Bob

Features of this product:

  • Brass plumb bob ideal for use in framing, deck building, plumbing, transit location and construction applications
  • Screw top simplifies attachment of string to center of the plumb
  • Polished-lacquer solid brass construction resists rust; thru-hole ensures easy tightening
  • Replaceable, hardened steel tip provides longer life; extra tip included
  • Weight: 8 ounces; backed by lifetime limited warranty

When you need to create a perfectly straight vertical while plumbing, framing or building, the Stanley 8-Ounce Brass Plumb Bob is the perfect tool to use. Constructed out of solid brass, the tool weights 8 ounces and is lacquered to help prevent rusting. The screw-on top makes it easy to attach to a line.



General Tools & Instruments 5-Ounce Hex Steel Plumb Bob, Nickel Plated

Features of this product:

  • Made of hexagonal cold drawn steel and nickel-plated to prevent rust
  • Removable cord cap for 3/32-inch (0.094)
  • Includes a 10 foot braided cord

The General Tools & Instruments 5-Ounce Hex Steel Plumb Bob, Nickel Plated is a professional quality plumb bob that is built to stand the test of time. Sold with a heavy-duty braided cord, the plumb bob provides 10 feet of length and is suitable for a wide variety of applications.



Tajima Plumb-Rite Plumb Bob Setter

Features of this product:

  • Universal plumb bob setter with commercial-grade 14-ounce bob
  • Setting pin for wood and drywall surfaces, strong magnet for steel frames
  • Adjustable hook ratchets to cinch onto beams or hook onto nails or studs
  • Braided nylon line extends and holds at lengths up to 14-1/2 feet, and retracts into its case automatically
  • Internal flush pin for zero distance measurements with plumb line flush with surface

Make measuring true vertical position a quick and easy task with the Tajima Plumb-Rite Plumb Bob Setter! This uniquely designed plumb bob comes with a case that automatically retracts its 14-1/2-foot braided nylon line, so you never have to worry about it becoming tangled or damaged while in storage.



Stanley 16 oz Brass Plumb Bob

Features of this product:

  • Polished-lacquer, solid-brass construction is durable and rust resistant
  • Replaceable, hardened steel tip is long-lasting
  • Screw top simplifies attaching string to center of plumb
  • Thru hole ensures easy tightening
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

If you’re looking for a medium sized plumb bob, the Stanley 16 oz Brass Plumb Bob is ready to help you get the job done. This 16-ounce plumb bob is crafted out of rust resistant, durable solid brass, and its tip is replaceable, so that you can use it for a lifetime.



Empire Level Brass Plumb Bob, 32 Ounces

Features of this product:

  • Solid brass plumb bob
  • Lacquered finish to resist corrosion
  • Extra hardened steel tip included
  • Used for installing deck posts, support beams and plumbing

For projects that require a heavy plumb bob, the Empire Level Brass Plumb Bob, 32 Ounces is the perfect solution. Ideal for plumbing and carpentry, the plumb bob is fabricated out of solid brass and is lacquered to make it less likely to corrode or rust. The tip is replaceable, and an extra is provided.



Lufkin 20-Ounce Plumb Bob, Solid Brass Inage, Cylindrical Shape

Features of this product:

  • For use in heavy oils
  • 20-Ounce solid brass inage Plumb bob cylindrical shape, 1-Inch by 6-3/4-Inch
  • Cylindrical shaped

When you need to determine a straight vertical in an area where your plumb bob must be suspended in heavy oils, the Lufkin 20-Ounce Plumb Bob, Solid Brass Inage, Cylindrical Shape is the perfect tool due to its unique cylindrical shape. The plumb bob is fashioned out of solid brass.