Tool Boxes

Stanley 19-inch Series 2000 Tool Box with Tray

Features of this product:

  • Two lid organizers for small parts storage – accessible without opening the tool box
  • Built-in pad lock eye for small locks – keeps contents secure
  • Soft, wide rubber coated handle allows for easy & comfortable grip
  • Nickel metal-plated latches
  • Tote tray inside to store smaller items

The Stanley 19-inch Series 2000 Tool Box with Tray opens to reveal a deep tray where you can organize small items. The tray lifts out with ease to reveal the storage compartments. Made in the USA, the tool box measures 19 inches in length by 10 inches in width by 10 inches in height.



Stanley 19-Inch Toolbox

Features of this product:

  • One-handed operation latch-Allows opening when other hand is occupied
  • Shuts automatically
  • Small parts storage on lid

With the Stanley 19-Inch Toolbox, you can get access to your tools when just one hand is free, thanks to its unique latch operation. The toolbox is 19 inches by 10.2 inches by 9 inches in size and has storage areas for small parts right on the lid for added convenience.



Stanley 28-Inch Structural Foam Toolbox

Features of this product:

  • Extra large capacity tool box; portable tote tray-3/4 length design to allow storage of large tools
  • All round water seal for ultimate protection of equipment inside
  • Large metal rust proof latches with padlock eye
  • Ergonomic hand lifting recesses incorporated in the body for carrying heavy loads
  • Integrated v-grooves on top lid-suitable for pipes and lumber

Even the largest of tools will fit into the Stanley 28-Inch Structural Foam Toolbox with the utmost of ease. Waterproof to keep your tools safe from the elements even in the worst of weather, this easy-to-carry tool box measures 28 inches by 12.6 inches by 11.6 inches in size and weighs less than 10 pounds.



Stanley Click and Connect Deep Tool Box and Organizer

Features of this product:

  • Simple shape and proportions for easy access to both hand and power tools
  • Removable, one-hand latches enable easy connecting/detaching
  • Lid organizer for small parts and accessories

Keep hand tools and power tools conveniently stored in one tool box by making the Stanley Click and Connect Deep Tool Box and Organizer your choice for tool storage. At 19.2 inches by 12.1 inches by 6.4 inches in size, the toolbox is generously proportioned and comes with removable dividers to customize the inside.



GSC Storage Locker, Black with Red Latches

Features of this product:

  • Super tough – made of heavy duty structural resin
  • Won’t crack, chip, peel or rust
  • Weather-tight and Pad-lockable
  • Great for tools and gear
  • Makes a great truck box

When you’re in need of an ultra tough take-along for storing heavy gear, the GSC Storage Locker, Black with Red Latches will have you covered. With its 117-Liter capacity the storage locker can hold virtually anything. Watertight construction allows the locker to serve as the perfect tool box for any truck bed.



Stack-On 19-Inch Pro Tool Box, Black/Red

Features of this product:

  • Large, riveted-on nickel-plated, steel draw bolts
  • Steel riveted handle tie downs
  • Galvanized steel hinge pins

Made to suit the needs of professionals, the Stack-On 19-Inch Pro Tool Box, Black / Red is built to last a lifetime and features ultra durable materials like galvanized steel hinge pins and nickel-plated steel draw bolts. The tool box is 19 inches by 9.5 inches by 9.5 inches in size and includes a removable storage tray.