5 Tips on Painting Your House Exterior Like a Pro

As a house owner, there’s nothing more annoying than to see the paint on your house exterior fading after years of wear and tear. Luckily enough, painting your house exterior is a relatively simple job that anyone could pick up on with the right tricks and tools. So how can you paint just like the professionals do? Read right on and we’ll take you through the 5 tips on painting your house exterior like a pro.

Tip 1: Prepare your exterior wall

Before getting started, you’ll always want to make sure that your walls are ready for a paint job. Dust, dirt, cracks, and other wear and tear on your walls are things you can’t avoid so be sure that they’re cleaned up and fixed before you start painting. The easiest way to remove dust and dirt is always to pressure wash your walls, and with luck, you may even spray away old paint chips. You’ll also want to fill the chips and cracks on the wall so you get an even finish later on because remember – preparation is key to a good paint job.

Tip 2: Cover up those corners

Now that you’re ready to achieve that perfect finish to painting your exterior wall, the last thing you’ll want to see is paint accidentally dripping over your door frames and windowsill. This is why the professionals often tape over the corners of your windowsill and door frames as possible or cover them up with sheets of tarp. This way, you wouldn’t have to worry about dripping paint where they’re not supposed to be, and you’ll be greeted with a clean finish when you remove the coverings at the end of your paint project.

Tip 3: Mix your cans of paint

We know this would sound like an odd tip, but did you know that no two paint cans are the same even if they claim to be? That’s right – you may not notice the subtle differences between your paint out of the can, but mixing your paint guarantees you a uniformed color on the wall. To do this, simply empty your cans of paint into a large bucket and stir it well before you start painting with it. Mixing also makes it easier for you to store your paint when you’re done and if bringing the bucket around is too difficult, you could always pour it out into a roller tray for easier carrying.

Tip 4: Check the weather forecast

A common misconception about painting your house exterior is to pick a sunny day so the paint could dry quicker, but you’ll notice that the professionals are often keen to paint only on cloudy days. This is to avoid catching a sunburn and keeps you from feeling tired quicker, allowing you to get more done through the day. You’ll also want to ensure that rain isn’t coming your way for the next two or three days so the paint has enough time to dry and you wouldn’t have to watch your hard work get washed away.

Tip 5: Start your paint job right from the top

Are you ready to paint your house exterior after all that preparation? Well, let’s get started right from the top! Painting your wall from the top makes it easier for you to clean up on the paint drip marks at the bottom later, giving your house exterior a more uniformed paint finish at the end of the day. Be sure that you’ve also run through some safety measures, and never lay your ladder on uneven ground where you may slip and result in an unwanted accident.

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