Brad Roemer’s Tricks to Having an Open Space

It’s time to clean up, says Brad Roemer to his children every single night as they make a mess of their toys in either the living room, the playroom or their bedrooms. You have had enough of loose Lego pieces and Barbie heads collecting dust in all matters of your house. Thankfully, the Brad Roemer team of excellent realtors and interior/exterior designers has a few hassle-free methods so that you can breathe in ultimate peace when you arrive home after picking your kids up from school.

  • Keep the toys where they truly belong, in the toy room! This may sound simple enough, but it is vital in the way you teach your kids to treat their things and your home. If you have properly dedicated your time to cleaning your kitchen, it makes no sense for your kids to then add crumbs and mounds of toys in different corners of the kitchen. It’s important to discipline your kids that after they have finished playing with their toys, they must return them to their proper space in the toy box.
  • Don’t overthink the interior of your home when it comes to furnishings and appliances. Your bedroom is in no need of three armoires, a vanity and two bookshelves on top of the normal bed and night table ensemble. What are the essentials that you need to fall asleep? Brad Roemer suggests that unless you’re a college kid living in a dorm, you can leave the desk and extra books to your study room in order to alleviate unnecessary clutter.
  • Perhaps you are obsessed with artwork as a hobby—or you love to create new paintings during your spare time the same way Brad Roemer does (although he doesn’t like to admit it, but the secret is out now!). However, the walls do speak truth and when they are too busy with a mish-mash of paintings, then your whole place alludes to business. How can your mind stop for a moment when you are collecting dust on the ten paintings that you have hanged up on one wall? Make sure that at least one wall in every room of your home is bare. You’ll find that you have a much more open space to work with.

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