A Quick Small Living Room Decorating Guide

small living roomHave no fear, you don’t need to sacrifice on design simply because your living room area is on the smaller side! It’s all about making use of the appropriate accessories to trick the eye. These decorating tips, kindly provided by Adstyle Decorators in Newcastle can help you take full advantage of your living space:

  • Take a look at that coffee table. Instead of buying the usual bulky square thing from your local Ikea it may be time to think outside the box. Use plush ottomans which double as storage or decorative elements with small glass tops to replace a conventional coffee table. You’ll save on space and add interest to the design of your living room.
  • Find furniture with storage. Your new coffee table isnt the only thing that you can use to double up on storage. Practically all furnishings can serve more than 1 purpose. Magazines, remote controls, throws etc can quickly make a room feel cramped. Try to invest in furniture which has hidden storage compartments in them to help open up limited floor space.
  • Hang ’em high. Stretch the appearance of your windows by hanging window treatments higher. Regardless of the size of your windows, installing a curtain rod closer to the ceiling and hanging drapes that touch the floor can trick the eye into thinking the windows are larger than they appear, opening up your living room.
  • Go for bulk. Doesn’t sound right does it? Yes, of course, you’ll fit more furniture into a small living room if you opt for slimmer pieces but the sacrifice is comfort. Rather than stuffing a lot of smaller furniture in your lounge room, fill the area with bigger, more luxurious versions. You’ll amplify comfort tenfold!
  • Think bright. Big, bold patterns play well in small spaces. Use statement pieces to brighten your living room and expand the feel of it. Additionally, you’ll add a bit of personality, making the room cheerful and inviting.
  • Free up floor space. You can free up valuable floor space as well as table space by opting for lights on walls and ceilings.
  • Let furniture float. Pushing your furnishings up against the walls can make a space feel smaller than it already is. Creating space around your furniture can expand a small living room and make it feel expanded.

Expand the look and feel of your living room with these design tips! For more help with decorating your small living room, contact Adstyle Decorators, a trusted interior decorator in Newcastle.

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