When Should You Get a Roof Inspection?

Roof inspection is a quintessential prerequisite when you consider a new roof, preventive or necessary repairs, replacement, maintenance or any upgrade. Many roofers will offer free roof inspection so you need not worry about any financial liability. Roof inspection is imperative as it will help you to make the right choices and it would also help the roofer you hire to recommend the best solution. Here are the times when you should get opt for roof inspection and the reasons for the same.

Prior to the Installation of a New Roof

Every roofer will conduct a thorough roof inspection before installing a new roof. Homeowners or commercial property owners don’t have to be proactive in this regard as no professional roofer will avoid or skip roof inspection before drawing up an estimate. Instant quotes, ballpark figures or informed but still speculative costs are fine for initial discussions. The final quote must be presented after extensive roof inspection, consultation and finalization of the exact roofing solution. Roof inspection prior to the installation of a new roof is always free and in most cases nonobligatory in regards to eventually hiring the roofer.

Before Serious Repair & Replacement

Roof inspection is imperative before almost every kind of roofing Dearborn Michigan job. The inspection before installation of a new roof primarily focuses on the deck or substrate layers and the overall structural condition of the property. Roof inspection before repair or replacement primarily deals with the nature of the damage to the existing shingles. The process helps in determining the scope of repair or replacement. Identifying underlying problems and resolving them before replacing or repairing the roof as well as attending to the foundation or base and other installations such as flashing and gutters are the main reasons why roof inspection is so important. Roof inspection is also help in understanding if repair is the best solution or replacement will be more suited given the specific problems. No property owner should opt for repair if the solution is temporary.

Seasonal or Routine Roof Inspection

Every property owner is advised to go for professional roof inspection at least once a year. Areas that receive a lot of rainfall or snow should demand such an inspection twice a year. Seasonal inspections are the best approach as they can help in identifying potential problems before the minor issues become costly concerns. For instance, mild mold growth or the early stage of an algae outbreak can be attended to much easily and at a fraction of a cost than attending to a roof fully infested with mold, mildew, algae and other microbial crises. Proactive property owners opt for seasonal cleaning and maintenance. This will almost always include a thorough roof inspection.

Before Listing a Property for Sale

A property must be in an impeccable condition before or as it is being listed for sale. Roof inspection is a fundamental requirement. Property value appraisal is a recommended exercise before listing it for sale and property inspection will include assessing the roof. A roof inspection will help a property owner to fix pressing problems so the value appreciation is desirable.

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