4 Awesome Uses for a Home Extension

home extensionsMost of the time when people think about a home extension, it’s because they need something somewhat boring like more bedrooms or they want to add a separate common area for their family members. Instead of focusing on the generic reasons for expanding your square footage, consider these 4 awesome uses for your home extension that will make your house at least a little bit more exciting.

  1. Home Theater

Imagine having the ability to have a completely soundproofed room with a giant flat screen TV and surround sound. Not only that, but add a few theater chairs and have it all in a separate part of the house, what could be better? A home theater is a dream of many people, especially those that love spending time with their family and friends. You can completely transform your home extension to create a fun and functional family-friendly space that is perfect for date nights or when your kids have their friends over for parties.

  1. Home Gym

Who wants to spend hundreds of dollars every month to have access to workout equipment when you can buy it for your own house? Having a home gym is something that requires more space than the average home allows, which is why home owners choose home extensions for their gyms. You can choose the size of the extension that you want to include treadmills, weight sets, ellipticals, and even your very own yoga studio. It’s the perfect way to add a functional space to your home without having to sacrifice a common area or a bedroom.

  1. Basketball Court

In today’s day and age just because you’re not a multimillionaire doesn’t mean that you can’t have access to the awesome luxuries that they have. If you’re the type of home owner that loves a pickup game of basketball with your friends, why not have the court in your own home? You can easily create an indoor play space with 2 nets and even paint an actual court on the ground. Integrate a cooling system and some benches and you’re ready to play ball whenever you want.

  1. Indoor Swimming Pools

You would be surprised with just how convenient an indoor swimming pool can be for the whole family. You won’t have to worry about opening and closing costs at the beginning and end of the season, and you’ll have access to your pool throughout the entire year. Indoor swimming pools are extremely family-friendly and with the help of a home extension, you can easily have one installed. The only thing to remember is that you’ll need to take a look at your local bylaws and ensure that you choose a home extension that is large enough to provide enough space for your indoor swimming area. If you have small children, you might even want to consider an indoor splash pad instead of a full sized pool.

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