A Few Tips for Selecting the Right Flooring

flooringSince quite some time now, flooring has been a major source of debate when it comes to chic décor. The countless options available are the basic reason why people often get confused and overwhelmed by the entire process. Flooring can truly make or break the entire look of a room or even house so it needs to be given due importance and thought process. Once again, there are countless options when it comes to flooring so it is important that the theme is initially decided.

Given the variety of flooring, ranging from laminated wooden options to graphic tiles it is important to select the floor as per the room and its fundamental purposes. It goes without saying that the floors in a kitchen will be quite different from floors in the living area or a bedroom and so on. Once the type of room is decided the selection somewhat narrows down and it gets comparatively easier to choose from there.

Most common errors tend to ignore the square footage of an area before selecting the future floors. Size of the room holds immense importance because not all types of flooring would seem appropriate. Some tiles are made for wider coverage whereas some would seem superfluous in a particular area. This arena is widely ignored so it should be carefully evaluated beforehand.

Nowadays dark marble is quite the craze but it needs to go with the entire color scheme of the room. The furniture could be in contrast to the floor to show a knack for creativity. If the flooring and the furniture seem off, it will not look good together and quite possibly need refurbishment.

In certain cases the future maintenance floors require is ignored. Wooden laminated floors need a different type of treatment compared to marble which could be a deciding factor for the decorator.

The concept of flooring, carpeting or rugs goes hand in hand so the decorator should be wary of this. Patterned floors would not need a wall to wall coverage of carpets as a classy rug would suffice. Persian carpets with intricate details are a constant favorite so they should be used. Sometimes the lobby or entrance in the house needs a more dramatic design for which patterned floors could be perfect. Another genius invention is the use of flamboyant vinyl tiles paired with simple dainty furniture. Thus there are countless artistic ways to project panache through floors.

When it comes to décor, the simpler one is trying to keep things, the more it shines. There are very few things that can be paralleled to hardwood floors or monochrome stone as they are both versatile and durable. They can be used all over the house as both have great characteristics which make it easier to match the furniture and even the paint. Flooring is one of the initial most steps, once an idea about the flooring is clear it is relatively easier and nicer to match the rooms’ décor with it.


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