5 Ways to Start Rejuvenating a Garden That’s Been Neglected

If you have let your existing garden go because you’ve not had the time or have recently bought or rented a new place with a neglected garden, turning things around could easily feel like a mountainous task.

The task is worth persisting with though, especially as the end result is a beautiful, harmonious and practical garden that you’ll want to spend as much time as you can. How do you to that point? Follow these steps.

Bring Dry Patches to Life and Get the Lawn Under Control

When was the last time a mower was pushed over the lawn? Too long? Then, start your garden overhaul by cutting the lawn so it is nice and neat.

This will help you to see any dry patches that have developed. To deal with it, you could sow seeds for fresh grass and keep it fertilized and hydrated to ensure those dry patches are dense with luscious greenery in no time.

Trim, Tidy and Rein In Bushes That Have Overgrown

In addition to tidying and gaining control over your lawn again, you will need to tackle any of the hardy, perennials you have in your garden.

We are talking about things like the bushes and shrubs. They need to be trimmed and tidied up. If there are stumps or trees that are just too much work, they need to be removed as does any other plants that have seen better days or are dried up and dead.

This will give you a clear and clean space to work from to and grow the garden into a fresh new place..

Make a Plan

You probably plan out the layout of all the rooms in your home before renovating, redecorating or even moving furniture around. You should do the same with your garden and outdoor space.

Think about the things you want to do in your garden and what you want to use the space for. Ideally, you will want to create a space where you can sit and chill or entertain guests when you have them round. To do this you will obviously need to add some kind of seating and some lights for when the sun goes down and you are still out there.

Bring Your Garden To Life

What is a garden without color and vibrancy? Create new flowerbeds, or revive old ones with new flowers and plants and consider growing some of your own produce.

Although you may not have time for it, if you do, it can be very rewarding preparing salads and meals made with fruit and vegetables you’ve grown yourself.

You could really bring your garden to life by attracting life. Choose plants and flowers that birds, butterflies and bees will want to visit and use. Create habitats out of strategically placed decorative stones like slate chippings or Scottish pebbles.The buzz and tweets and flapping wings will give another exciting dimension to your garden.

You’ll hardly recognize your garden when it’s teeming with life, both of the flora and fauna variety.

Install a Water Feature of Some Kind

Every garden needs a focal point to really tie it all together. If you feel that’s what your garden is missing, why not install a water feature of some kind. Even just a simple fountain will add another dimension.

Plus, it can be very relaxing hearing all those birds tweeting, the bees buzzing and in the background the sound of trickling water.

Your garden will start to feel like your own private nature reserve.

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