3 Things to Know Before Switching from Carpet to Hardwood Flooring

When it comes to the decor options in your home, there are a lot of possibilities. You can choose from furniture to flooring options. Carpet might be the popular choice when comfort is the main concern, but hardwood is also a popular choice for homeowners with value and style in mind. If you already have carpet installed in your home, it can be a fairly easy switch to go to hardwood, and fairly inexpensive as well if you can find the right hardwood flooring contractors. You just need to be aware of the differences between the two flooring options and what you need to consider when you decide to go from carpet to hardwood flooring.

Here is everything that you need to know when you decide to switch from carpet to hardwood flooring:

Moisture and Hardwood

You might always think that hardwood is the superior flooring option, but this is not always the case. Before you rush to switch in your carpet for hardwood floors you need to be aware of the moisture exposure in your home. The fastest way that you can damage your hardwood flooring is with exposure to high amounts of moisture. This means that it can be a good idea to test the moisture levels within your home to determine if hardwood is the right alternative to carpet. This is an easy test that can be done by a professional before the process of hardwood floor installation begins. You need to be aware of moisture within your home and how it can affect durability of your hardwood floors.

Cost Investment

Another thing that you need to consider before you decide to switch from carpet to hardwood floors is the cost investment that hardwood flooring requires. It might add more value to your home and offer more aesthetic appeal, but it is also a flooring type that is a lot more expensive than carpet. You need to be aware that when you decide to switch from carpet to hardwood that the cost is not close at all. Carpet is often a popular choice because it is the more inexpensive option. It is possible to have carpet installed for a fraction of the cost that hardwood flooring requires. It is only a good idea to switch from carpet to hardwood if you are aware of the added cost and wang to add more value to your home. It is easier to sell a home with hardwood flooring as opposed to carpet, but it will cost you a high initial investment. Just be aware of the added expense that you will be getting into by choosing to go this route with flooring.

Matching Hardwood

If you are switching from carpet to hardwood, you need to think if you already have hardwood installed anywhere in your home. If you already have some hardwood floors throughout your home, you need to be aware of matching and decide what type of hardwood you need to have installed in place of the carpet. It is best to choose hardwood types that look good when installed together so it allows for a seamless transition from room to room.



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