3 Easy Ways to Save Money On Heating This Winter

Winter weather is upon us, and while that means that the holiday season is close at hand it also means that we are going to have to spend more energy (and more money) heating our homes.

Rising energy bills are never easy to stomach, but thankfully there are more than a handful of things you can do to dramatically reduce the amount of money that you spend on heating this winter. Best of all, you’ll be able to implement the three tips and tricks we highlight below without having to spend amount of money – or a lot of time – on these tactics, either.

Let’s dig right in!

Use a Lower Thermostat Setting

According to heating and cooling industry sources, it’s possible to save upwards of 3% on your heating bills with every single degree you lower your thermostat over a 24 hour block of time. Even when you’re getting your furnace fuel from one of the cheapest oil delivery companies, the cost of keeping your home toasty warm can be very expensive.

If you can keep your thermostat at around 65° on a 24/7 basis during the winter months (warmer during the day, cooler at night if necessary) you can save quite a bit of money on your energy across the board.

Use Fans to Circulate Air More Efficiently

The fans you have in your home aren’t just effective at keeping you cool when the summer sun is at its highest (and its hottest) but can also be used to more efficiently circulate warm air throughout your home.

Set fans on their lowest possible setting to circulate air up towards the ceiling and you’ll be able to push warm air downward – helping everyone feel a little more comfortable without having to spend all a lot of extra money on energy at the same time.

This kind of approach is best done when you have built in ceiling fans, though you can also pull it off with box fans if you are a little bit more strategic. At the end of the day the focus is to circulate warmer air that would have otherwise been trapped up near your ceiling down to the “living space” so that it feels nice and toasty.

Seal Your Windows

Experts believe that anywhere between 10% and 25% of ALL home heating loss is caused directly by windows that aren’t as efficient or as well sealed as they could be or as they should be.

To cut down on this kind of energy loss it’s a good idea to think about placing blankets over uncovered windows, using window sealant plastic to lock in air and better insulate your spaces, and to allow the sun to shine in from southern facing windows during the day to get a little extra natural heat that can help keep costs low, too.

Bonus Tip – Use a Programmable Thermostat

If you have the budget a programmable thermostat can help you save anywhere between 10% and 20% of your energy bill on an annual basis. These programmable thermostats are a lot less expensive today than ever before.

On top of that, some of the best options today feature Wi-Fi connectivity that allow you to control your thermostat from your mobile device even when you aren’t home – a big bonus for those that want to cut energy costs big time.

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