11 Makeover Tips to Make Your Home Sparkle This Spring

11 Makeover Tips to Make Your Home Sparkle This Spring - Mr. DIY Guy

It is springtime again. With windows flung wide open you feel energy coursing through your veins, matter of fact you feel you share the same optimism and energy radiated by the spring sun. With no real plans of going out, you do the only thing you can think of with this energy. You clean.

Spring cleaning is like a fundamental law of the universe; it is like an urge you just can`t resist. You feel the urge to clean every nook and cranny of your home, fix everything that needs fixing and maybe even carry out a little remodeling.

Well, we have outlined a few guidelines that could help you get the very best out of your spring cleaning this time around.

Look at all that space!

Tip #1

How about some space? Yea, space. Look around you, can you see them? Sure you can. All those stuff you leave out in the open, (maybe in a pile somewhere on the floor or stacked on a table) that would do a lot more “good” if they were neatly packed away. Well, pack them (maybe in a box) and put them away. No more hoarding. Learn to let go.

Tip #2

Well, there must be repairs to be carried out that you have kept postponing for a better time. Well, the time does not get any better than this. You could use the fresh air and warm sun as your motivation to fix it, if the damage if something minimal and save money while doing it. If it requires extra skill, get a handyman.

Fix those squeaky doors, the AC unit, and the floorboards, in fact, fix everything you can. If you are short on funds, then it is all about prioritizing. Fix the stuff that their malfunction would inconvenience you the most. If you have children, fix the stuff that would inconvenience them (if you don`t, they would simply transfer the “inconvenience to you”) or be a safety issue for them.

Tip #3

Do not forget the windows. A spotless window actually adds to the beauty of a clean home. Wash and wipe down the glass or panes. Use of Windex and some paper towels is advised. Pay attention to the window frames, especially the corners. Do not forget to put on your gloves.

Tip #4

The garage has taken everything you have thrown at it during the cold season (winter). You didn’t enjoy staying in the cold and did not want to extend your stay, so you paid no heed to the “feelings” of your garage. Well, now you have virtually no excuse from arranging your garage and disposing of the unwanted stuff.

Tip #5

For the shoe lovers, it is time to arrange. It is advisable to place your shoes in opposite directions. This simply means that the left shoe faces inward or upward, while the right one faces outward or downward.

Tip #6

Now, turn to your sinks and showerheads. How exactly do we go about cleaning those? It is quite simple. Get yourself a solution of equal part vinegar and equal part water. Then put the solution in a nylon bag and tie to the sink faucet and showerheads. Keep soaked for a duration of about 45 minutes to an hour. When satisfied with duration, untie and rinse off with warm water.

I bet you wish your laundry room was this organized.

Tip #7

Now to the laundry room. Start by thoroughly cleaning the dryer vent. Disconnect the dryer vent from the back of the washing machine and use a brush to remove the lint found. While from the outside you would also like to remove the cover (dryer vent cover) and also clean lint at the other end of the line. This is very important as a dryer vent that is clogged could be an unsuspecting fire hazard.

Tip #8

Check your smoke alarms. It is not too time-consuming. All you have to do is check if it still functions properly. Check the battery if it still functions. But it would be better to simply replace the battery with a newer one.

Tip #9

Check your security system. It is almost the same procedure as with the smoke alarms but requires more attention. Get in contact with the home security system company and check for any updates, make sure ALL systems are working.

Tip #10

Check your foundation vents for any holes or debris (stacked during the winter and fall). Seal any holes as critters could “invite” themselves into your home through these holes.

Tip #11

How about a little remodeling? Move the furniture around a bit, have a little fun while cleaning. Save some money while giving your home a new feel. Clean all surfaces including the walls. For those places with tiles, focus in between the tiles.


It is all in a day’s work. There is nothing that beats the feeling of relaxation after a hard day’s job. Enjoy the fresh air and sparkle you worked so hard to achieve.


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