How to Paint Any Room Like a Pro

home paintingWhile there is certainly a time and a place to call in the professionals, this is honestly not the first route you need to go for a house painting project. The truth of the matter is that you can almost certainly handle painting a specific room on your own. Furthermore, you can even paint with a level of skill that will make you as effective as any pro.

If you want to learn how to paint any room like a pro, there are several things you can keep in mind.

How to Paint Like a Professional

While no one will argue with the experience of a seasoned professional housepainter, it is still within the realm of possibility to create an end result that’s going to get you pretty close to that level. Here are a few things you can keep in mind:

  • Waiting for the weather to get dry: Dripping and a finished result that’s going to take forever to dry are two of the consequences you will have to deal with on a humid day. Offset this possibility by waiting for dryer weather. However, if you are stuck painting during the humid time of the year, work carefully.
  • Inspect and prep like a boss: Cracks, flakes, and peels should be sanded and scraped very lightly, with rinsing to follow. If there are any greasy spots, washed them out with soap, and then wash the area with clean water.
  • Buy the best: Yes, this means making something of a decent financial commitment. However, we would make the argument that when you work with the best in equipment, you’re going to have an end result you can be proud of.
  • The nap: When your wall is big on textures, you’re going to want a thick nap for your roller-coater. Don’t go too thick, or you’ll wind up with texture you probably don’t want.
  • Protect your space: Anything you don’t want to risk getting paint on should be covered with thick tarp. If that still doesn’t put your mind at ease, consider moving the pieces in question out entirely, if this is possible.
  • Light switches/outlet covers: Both of these items should be removed, prior to painting.
  • Separate primer: While a paint-and-primer combo can do the trick, you may want to consider a separate primer.
  • Boxing: Buy all of the paint you need at once, combine it into a large container, and then make sure it has been considerably mixed. This is boxing.

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