Do’s and Don’ts of Marble Cleaning

marble tileTravertine is a delightful natural stone which makes it an ideal natural rock for many varieties of rock tile installations. Travertine tiles are usually installed close to the adjacent tiles with small approximately 1\/16th inch grout joints. Installing travertine this manner will enable the great thing about the travertine to be shown without broad grout joints interfering with the pure beauty of the travertine. Using unsanded grout and thin grout joints additionally enables the travertine to be polished and finished if the polished finish of the travertine tiles begins to become boring and lifeless. Generally the travertine tiles will still look good, but the grout begins to get dirty and diverts from the beauty of the travertine.

Cleaning travertine tile grout may be challenging because you do not need to harm the finish of the travertine while cleaning the grout between the travertine tiles. Travertine tiles are often polished or honed to some degree of reflection and you do not need to harm the finish of the natural travertine rock while cleaning the grout. Travertine similar to other types of rock tiles may be damaged with acidic tile and grout cleaning products. You must never use any kind of acidic detergent on travertine or you will etch the travertines finish. Many strong alkaline cleansers which weren’t designed for cleaning tile, grout and rock may also dull the finish of travertine.

To get the most efficient cleaning results on a travertine tile installation an alkaline cleanser specifically made for cleaning tile, grout and rock must be used. An alkaline cleanser designed for cleaning tile, grout and rock may respond with the dark dirt, grease and grime in the grout lines and permit the dirt and spots to be extracted from the grout. You must mix the alkaline cleaning product with extremely warm water and apply it to the travertine and grout. Allow the hot alkaline cleanser about 20 minutes dwell time to respond with all the dirt, grease and grime in the grout joints. Then you may use a mop and bucket to rinse away the dirt from the grout lines. With extremely dirty grout you might be forced to shake the grout lines with a soft scrub pad to loosen up the grime and dirt in the grout lines. It’s significant to only use soft scrub pads for cleaning grout between travertine tiles in order that you don’t scratch the finish of the travertine.

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