Powder Actuated Fasteners

Powder Actuated Fasteners are the hardware that is used with powder-actuated nail gun tools, also known as ramset guns and hilti guns. Typically sold in large quantities, Powder Actuated Fasteners are made in various sizes to suit different types of projects. Many brands color code the fasteners to make them easy to identify by size.

Ramset Powder Fastening Systems 3-Inch Washered Pins, 100 Pack

Features of this product:

  • Increases bearing surface against the material to be fastened.
  • 16 gauge metal washer
  • Shank diameter = .145 Head diameter = .300
  • Comes 100 per box
  • Square washer indicates 3inch pin has been installed



2 7/8″ Fast Pin with Washer

Features of this product:

  • Fastening Pin with 1″ Washer – Fasteners for Simpson Strong-Tie Powder-Actuated Tools
  • Manufactured with tight tolerances for superior performance
  • Use in A36 and A572 Grade 50 structural steel (red strip load recommended)
  • Shank Length: 3″
  • Head Diameter: 0.300″



Simpson Strong Tie 1-1/4-Inch Long with 0.3-Inch Head and 0.145-Inch Shank Diameter, 100 Per Box

Features of this product:

  • Minimum penetration 1-inch
  • Minimum edge distance 3-inches
  • Minimum spacing 4-inches



Ramset Powder Fastening Systems 2-1/2-Inch Pin w/ Ramguard (100 per box)

Features of this product:

  • Designed for use in treated lumber applications
  • Meets the requirements of toughness and durability that enable them to penetrate dense concrete and structural quality steel
  • Shank diameter = .145 Head diameter = .300
  • Comes 100 per box
  • Powder actuated fasteners



Hilti Powder Actuated Fastener Cartridge – .27 6.8/18 Long – Single – Red – Heavy – Pack of 100

Features of this product:

  • .27 Caliber Cartridge – Strips of 10
  • For Use with Hilti DX 460 ONLY
  • Producing a high-quality cartridge requires the perfect driving power, firing sensitivity, propellant specification, and magazine strength.
  • Hilti Powder-Actuated Tools pair with Hilti Cartridges and fasteners to create the best fastening systems in the industry, combining the highest quality fasteners with perfectly balanced cartridges.
  • Safe, reliable, and low maintenance – the first choice in construction.



2.13″ Powder Fastener Pin (Set of 15)

Features of this product:

  • Powder fastener pin.-Comes with washer
  • Washer increases bearing surface against the material to be fastened
  • ITW Ramset powder actuated fasteners are specifically fabricated to meet exacting requirements of toughness and durability
  • Overall dimensions: 12.25 H x 3.6 W x 6 D, 0.38 lbs