Collated Staples

Need to purchase staples for your staple gun? Mr DIY Guy is here to help! We’ve put together this collection of Collated Staples to help you quickly find the right staples for your specific model. Be sure to consider the size and gauge when you’re comparing your options.

B&C Eagle 1/2-Inch Length x 3/8-Inch Crown x 22 Gauge Galvanized Fine Wire Staples (10,000 per box)

Features of this product:

  • For use in 71 series staplers like the Porter Cable US58
  • Great for roofing felt, house wrap, upholstery, furniture trim, automotive vinyl and trim, picture frames, bedding, furniture frames, molding
  • Electrogalvanized finish helps resist corrosion and rust, recommended for interior use only
  • Chisel Point
  • Reclosable box helps protect product during storage



Stanley Heavy-Duty Staple & Brad Assortment, 2500-Pack

Features of this product:

  • 2,500-pc assortment of Heavy-Duty 27/64″ staples
  • Heavy-Duty ? 27/64″ fits Stanley TR110, TR150, TR150HL,TR250, TRE550, PHT150, PHT250 PHT350 and Arrow T-50
  • 336 pcs of 1/4″ TRA704, 504 pcs of 5/16″ TRA705, 504 pcs of 3/8″ TRA706, 504 pcs of 1/2″ TRA708, 252 pcs of 9/16″ TRA709 and 400 pcs of 5/8″ SWKBN625



Stanley Sharpshooter 1/2-Inch Leg Length Staples, Steel (1000 Count)

Features of this product:

  • For heavy duty stapling jobs such as insulation, carpet under laying and roofing felt
  • Color-coded packaging makes size and product selection a cinch
  • Sturdy plastic packaging reduces staple breakage
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Perfect for insulation jobs



Rapid 5/16-Inch Staples for K1 Pliers, 5,000 Per Box

Features of this product:

  • For Use with K1 Pliers
  • High Capacity
  • 5,000 per Box



Arrow Genuine T50 1/2-Inch Staples, 1,250-Pack

Features of this product:

  • 1/2-Inch Staples
  • 1,250 per box
  • Flat crown with 3/8-inch width
  • Fits many Arrow models and other brands such as Powershot, Craftsman, Ace, Master Mechanic, and Stanley
  • Perfect for use with Arrow’s T50OC stapler



Arrow Genuine 5/16-Inch Staples, 5,050-Pack

Features of this product:

  • 5/16-Inch Staples
  • 5,050 per box
  • Flat crown with 7/16-inch width
  • Ideal for heavier paper