Planer Knives

If you’re using a planer to smooth and shape wood, you need to have a sharp blade installed to get optimal results. The blades used with planers are called Planer Knives, and they need to be replaced periodically to keep tools well maintained. This collection includes knives to fit many types of planers.

Powermatic 15-Inch Replacement Planer Knives

Features of this product:

  • 15-inch replacement knives
  • Double sided knives, twice the use

Bosch Pair of Woodrazor Tungsten Carbide Planer Blades

Features of this product:

  • Toughest, most durable planer blade available
  • Lasts up to 30% longer than standard tungsten carbide blades
  • 10% sharper than standard carbide blades
  • Double-edged, reversible
  • Made with tungsten carbide



DEWALT 13-Inch Heat Treated Double Sided Replacment Planer Knives, 2-Pack

Features of this product:

  • Replaces the blades in the DEWALT DW735X 13-Inch, Three Knife, Two Speed Thickness Planer
  • M2 laminated tool steel stays sharper and lasts longer than conventional knife materials
  • Vacuum Heat Treating Provides longer blade life before user needs to flip to the second side
  • New Grinding Process provides longer life with fewer nicks
  • Great value with Two sets of knives in each Package



Makita Planer Blade for Model 2012 and 2012NB

Features of this product:

  • Replacement planer blades
  • For use with Makita planer models 2012 and 2012NB
  • Disposable, double-edged high-speed steel construction
  • 2 blades included
  • Weighs 2-2/5-Ounce shipped



Freud 15-Inch x 1-Inch x 1/8-Inch Planer Knives – 3-Piece Set

Features of this product:

  • Precision machined for best results
  • Premium high speed steel
  • Covered by Freud’s limited lifetime warranty



Woodstock Blades for 20-Inch Planer, 4-Pack

Features of this product:

  • Measure 20-Inch long
  • Made from high speed steel
  • Includes four knives