5 Most Effective Locations for Panic Buttons in Your Home

Miguel de Cervantes once said, “To be prepared is half the victory.” He also said “Every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than a diamond.” de Cervantes would definitely commend you for installing a panic button in your home; since it helps you prepare to keep all of your teeth even when faced with an emergency. Panic buttons can be a very useful (and potentially even life-saving) item to have in the house, and installing one is not all that difficult. However, depending on the circumstances surrounding your family as well as the habits of the members of your family, you may wish to consider the best place to install it.

  1. The Living Room

This may seem like the most obvious place to install a panic button, but it is important to pay attention to the reasons behind installing a button here, rather than what seems like general behavior. The living room of your house could be the most commonly used area of the house. Installing a panic button in a room where at least one member of your family is always present makes it a good option in case of an emergency where you will need to hit the panic button as soon as possible. Moreover, having a panic button in the living room, in plain sight, will let even visitors to your house use the panic button without having to scramble in a search for it.

  1. The Bathroom

A study of several emergency situations will show that the first instinct of a lot of people when faced with a problem is to run to the bathroom and lock themselves inside. This is especially true of young children who turn to enclosed spaces when frightened. Having a panic button handy in a bathroom will let such people act according to their instincts and still have a method of calling for help once safe inside. This does not only have to be handy only for a dangerous situation, however. Elderly members of your family can also use a panic button if they have fallen or are unable to move for any reason. Check out this USB panic button for more security options for your home.

  1. The Bedrooms

This is another good option for elderly family members. Having a panic button in the bedroom can allow them to immediately call for help in case they are in need of assistance. Even for other members of the family, a bedroom panic alarm is a useful option in the event of a fire, or if you find yourself woken up by a disturbance at night that makes you feel unsafe. It is a much faster option than looking for your phone and then calling for help.

  1. The Kitchen

The kitchen, apart from being another of the most commonly used rooms in the house (the fridge could be the main attraction) is also the place where accidents are very likely to happen. This makes the kitchen a great option to install a panic button. Not only is the kitchen a very accident prone place, even if you just happen to be in the kitchen cooking when a dangerous situation arises help is only one button away.

  1. The Basement/Garage

This option must be especially considered if you are the kind of person who spends a lot of time in your basement or garage. Several incidents have occurred where a person is trapped inside their basement or garage with no way out. Installing a panic button will let you call for help even if you have forgotten your phone inside the house.

Panic buttons are increasingly being recognized worldwide for their effective security functions and speedy emergency response. Since emergencies do not come knocking at your door to warn you of their arrival, it is better to have an extra security option ready for use when you need it.

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