3 Times You Should Call a Handyman Instead of Doing a DIY Repair

3 Times You Should Call a Handyman Instead of Doing a DIY Repair - Mr. DIY Guy

Doing it ourselves in the home makes us feel like we accomplished something and that we are really taking care of our space.  This satisfaction, though, prevents us from realizing whether we are actually capable of performing certain activities or not, and there are at least a few times when it’s wise to use an expert rather than trying to DIY.

There are times you should never dive in head first to handle a home repair yourself for the sake of causing harm to you or your home, not to mention the added expense that you will bring to your pocketbook.  At those moments you should actually be prepared to call either a general handyman or a professional contractor.

A general handyman is kind of a jack-of-all-trades person who can handle pretty much any smaller jobs around the home.  They aren’t necessarily someone to call if you have large-scale serious problems going on with say wiring or the entire plumbing system. They can be licensed but depending on the state it’s not a requirement.

A professional contractor is someone who will be licensed and trained in a particular trade, e.g. electrical, plumbing, construction.  If they’re not  licensed to do the job, they will subcontract it to the person who is so they can get it done.

You want to make sure and do the research to find the person with experience who is competent, will be available and whose personality will mesh with yours so the experience will be a good one for you and them.  Research online websites where you can verify if the businesses are legit, read the reviews and send out some queries.  You should also call at least three references to find out how their projects went using the handyman or contractor. Make sure to get multiple pricing points and be clear what exactly the bids include and how it will be billed.

This is someone you will want to have a long-term relationship with. Someone you can call whenever you have a project that is above what you will be able to do yourself, or when you get yourself in a bind and need to call somebody in a hurry to come help.  You want to make sure to get the right person.

3 Jobs That Are Best Left to the Pros:


If you go into your attic and see that water has been leaking or find mold, don’t start attacking it yourself.  This is not a project for a DIY.  This is something that should be handled by a professional because it means there is an issue with the roof and trying to handle it yourself could make it worse and could also be dangerous.


If your furnace stops working and you are frosty cold, don’t try to fix it yourself.  This will definitely lead to more costly repairs for you.  A professional can come look at your unit and find the problem quickly and easily.  It could be a fast fix for them but expensive for you if you do something that damages the unit. There’s no shame in admitting something is out of your league if it means saving hundreds of dollars!


If you have a broken toilet or your hot water heater stops working, call someone versed in plumbing.  This is something above you.  It may or may not be a simple fix, but you don’t want to mess with it and make it worse when you’re dealing with the plumbing system to your house.

Doing it yourself is awesome if you know what you’re doing and can save some time and money.  When you get to a point that it’s not something you’re familiar with, it’s time to get some help.  There’s no shame in getting a helping hand.

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