3 Signs Your Chimney is in Need of Repair

Your property requires maintenance and repair over time. No matter how old or new your home may be, it is always to be on the lookout for signs of wear and tear. If you stay ahead of any issues, you have the ability to lessen the cost of repairs. Your chimney may be out of sight and out of mind, but it is always a good idea to forget about it completely. If there is any damage to your chimney, it can be a major concern. This means that it is important for you to keep an eye out on your chimney and be aware if it needs to be repaired. There are more than a few signs that will give you warning that your chimney needs to be repaired.

Here are the top signs that your chimney may need to be repaired:

Damaged Mortar Joints

One sign that your chimney may be in need of some major repair is damage to the mortar joints. This is not something that is always easy to spot, because you often need a vantage point from above the chimney to notice. This is a sign that your chimney is wearing at a rapid rate and it could become damaged even beyond repair if the mortar joints are not repaired quickly. That is not something that you should put off and it is a good idea to have the mortar joints of your chimney routinely inspected to ensure that it is not failing.

Rusted Damper

If the firebox or damper of the chimney is showing signs of rust, this could be a major indicator that you are in need of some repair work on your chimney. When you have rust to any degree, this is a sign that you have too much moisture. There is a reason behind the moisture building up within the firebox of the chimney. At the first sign of rust, you can correct the issue and then you will be able to avoid any major repairs on your chimney that come at a high cost. You should be able to notice the rust right away if you are taking a look at your chimney regularly. Since the firebox is so visible, this is a sign of chimney repair that is normally not hard to miss.

Cracked Chimney Crown

Having a crown on your chimney keeps items out, but you need to make sure that the crown is in good shape. This is normally only done if you take a trip to the top of your roof and make sure that there are no cracks that are visible. If you notice that there is a crack on the crown of the chimney, it will need to be repaired right away to ensure that no animals or outdoor elements gain access to your home through the chimney.

Your chimney will tell you a lot about it’s condition if you are on the lookout. Always make sure that you are aware of the most common signs that your chimney needs repair, and if you see any of these signs, be sure to call skilled roofing contractors so they can come and fix it for you before it gets any worse!

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