Sanding Discs

A disc sander can make sanding surfaces quick and easy, but you can’t one use one without Sanding Discs! The sanding discs provide the abrasive surfaces needed for sanding, and over time, they wear out and must be replaced. This selection includes discs in an array of sizes and grits.

Mirka 5″ 8-Hole 80 Grit Dustless Hook & Loop Sanding Discs – 50 Pack

Features of this product:

  • 50 dustless hook and loop sanding discs
  • Made with antiload stearate for increased life and durability
  • Durable aluminum oxide grain; high-strength resin bond system
  • 5-inch size, 80-grit, 8-hole
  • Pack of 50 discs; weighs 1 pound shipped



Woodstock 12-Inch Diameter PSA 80 Grit Aluminum Oxide Sanding Disc, 2-Pack

Features of this product:

  • Aluminum Oxide 80 grit PSA
  • Measure 12-Inch in diameter
  • Includes two discs



IIT Tool 2″ 36 Grit Roll Lock Sanding Discs (50 PC)

Features of this product:

  • These professional quality 36 Grit Sanding & Grinding Discs will remove rust and prep all types of surfaces.
  • Makes quick work of any grinding, sanding and surface preparation task.
  • This item includes the 2 inch Sanding Mandrel/ Holder.
  • Threaded backs screw securely to the mandrel for quick pad changes.



Logan Hardware Sanding Disc

Features of this product:

  • Replacement Sanding Disk for Logan Precision Sander Elite F200-2
  • Only fits Logan model F200-2
  • 10 inch sanding disk with self adhesive backing



POWERTEC 6-Inch PSA 60 Grit Aluminum Oxide Self Stick Sanding Disc, 10-Pack

Features of this product:

  • Premium Aluminum Oxide grain
  • PSA backing
  • Resist moisture and heat
  • Resin on resin bond
  • Applications: wood/aluminum/non-ferrous metal/plastic/fiberglass



3M Green Corps Stikit 6″ 36E Grit Production Disc

Features of this product:

  • Aggressive shaping of plastic filler and removing paint around damaged area
  • Suggested backup pad PN05576, PN05556 (low profile) or PN05546 (finishing pad)
  • Can be used with 3M Random Oribtal Sanders