What to Do if You Find Mold in Your House

Mold is everywhere. It is a type of fungus that is present in the air, at all times. The spores in the air can grow at places they land if the conditions are favorable for their growth. Spores need humid, damp areas and comfortable temperature, which is usually between 40 F and 100 F. Molds grow in all quantities, and you might have a difficult time dealing with them. While some molds can be dealt with and tested at home itself, some might need a professional approach.

The problem of mold is not unknown, and in fact, it is ubiquitous. Considering that, there have been things which have been introduced to make dealing with molds easier. There are various mold kits in the market. The purpose of the mold kit is to help you identify whether there are molds in your house or not. The mold kits can help you determine the extent of molds and in some cases, the type of mold too. While the pervasive type of mold will have to be tested in the lab and only treated by professionals, mold test kits can surely help you understand the extent of mold.

Basic Remediation Technique for Mold in Your House:

While there are many ways in which professionals can help you deal with molds, it does not hurt to know the details of basics yourself so that you can deal with molds when they are at the start, and the problem does not increase. Below are some of the tips which can help you handle the molds in a systematic manner


Identifying the mold at your house is the first step to curing it. You cannot cure something you don’t know exists.

So first and foremost, you need to identify the mold and the extent of it at your home. There are numerous ways to do the same. You can check and choose a good mold kit by reading information of experts like this guide on finding the best mold test kit for your house.

Another typical way to identify molds is through the smell. When the molds have increased in quantity and become stronger, there is a pungent, distinctive smell that they release. The smell should be your ideal indicator that there might be mold around your house. Usual places to check if you sense a scent are the damp walls, storage areas, and wet wood areas. If these are just infestations, clear them right away so that they do not increase.

Type of Mold

You might not be able to gauge all the types of molds that you come across. There are some molds for which you will need to check in the labs, and they will be able to tell you the exact type and resolution for the same. Meanwhile, there are necessary molds which you can deal with yourself as well. All this while, let’s not forget that what looks like mold could very well be dirt. For expert findings, mold kit test reviewed is highly recommended.

Molds are black usually, especially mildew which is known to start with tiny black spots. It then grows on into larger blacker colonies. So if you have spotted black spots on your shower, damp walls or wet decks then it could be a sign of mildew, and you can immediately check that as well. All you need for this experiment is household bleach. Take some household bleach and sprinkle it on the black spots. Give it a minute or two, if the area lightens, then you have mildew presence. If not, it was just dirt.

Removal of Mold

There are many ways in which mold can be dealt with, and with time, the options have only increased. It is a common problem, and a lot of things have been tried and tested.

For familiar places such as bathrooms and wet places where you anyway suspect molds, you can catch the mold on the surface itself and clean the area with bleach or mold cleaning solutions. For locations where the mold growth goes unnoticed and has become large and robust, you should take proper precautions and professional help, if needed. Cleaning them without precautions can cause an adverse impact on your health.

These are some of the basic things you can do once you have identified or suspect that there are molds at your home. Molds need to be removed and remedied before they start impacting you and your household. While the impact of mold might not seem gigantic until they have increased, for people who have quick allergic reactions, even a slight presence can be have an adverse impact. It is only ideal that you keep yourself vigilant and on the lookout for molds so that you can deal with them steadfastly.

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